Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Vector Artist

I often wonder wether working in vector illustration makes my work more easily dismissed compared to other illustrators who work mainly by hand. I love working with illustrator and i have developed a way of working which suits me. I am a good drawer not exceptional but illustrator allows me to develop this further and to create beautiful pieces.
Fashion, nature and the pretty little things in life inspire my work. I hope at the end of my 3rd year of graphic design to have a portfolio of work which reflects this. I have been very fashion focused this year and it is defiantly pushing me down the fashion industry path, wether that is fashion illustration or graphic design for fashion brands only time will tell. I hope to achieve my goals this year and i am constantly striving to be among the best. I guess it must be one of those things you either really like or dislike, a bit like marmite. Anyways take a look at my work and decide for yourself, feel free to add opinions.


  1. beautiful! i love the detailed parts in your illustrations like the hair, the orchid, and the details in the dress :)
    i think it's important that there are different illustrators, some working by hand and other by computer. otherwise every illustrator would be the same and that would be boring!! xxx

  2. actually these pix-re devine especially the last one-I luv the colors!