Tuesday, 1 April 2014

This Blog has Moved.

Hi! This blog has moved to here It is my personal website and I thought it would be best to keep all my personal projects and work related content together along with my personal portfolio. I also have a blog for my personal interest which is outside of graphic design and focuses on:

  • yummy homemade recipes, good hearty meals which are often quick as i live a busy lifestyle in the city.
  • gardening - space is limited in London, however you can grow your own in the smallest of spaces! wether its a windowsill, balcony or tiny garden.
  • Cats! those cute crazy pets that have a love hate relationship with their owners! I post from time to time some photography and typically my two domestic felines are often in the spotlight.
The content of the blog continues to grow as its still finding its feet. You can follow it here, i would love to know your thoughts especially if you have tried any of the recipes for  yourself.