Monday, 28 November 2011

Unveil magazine

For my specialist pathways brief, i decided to assign myself a brief of creating a new creative arts and fashion magazine. I had to brand this magazine and also create illustrations for some of the articles that would feature in this magazine.

The target group were: young, sophisticated people who appreciate design and fashion. 
This small niche target market allowed me to focus on what they would want to see in a magazine of this nature (contents and design etc) 

The final design idea was a periodical highly aesthetic-produced magazine. Designed to be published twice a year at the same time as either the s/s fashion or the a/w fashion. The magazine was to be made with good quality textured paper throughout, and also to include some fabric. To be contained in a white protective case.

I have not included every page i deigned but the photos show a good over view i hope of my work.
(All images found on google-images and used because it worked with the magazine, if this was produced and sold then all images would not be used without owners consent etc)

I hope you like my design :)